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Simply the Best Christine is an amazing therapist, and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I booked my first appointment with her about a year ago for severe pain related to an unknown knee injury, as well as ongoing back pain. With primary focus on these areas she was able to tailor the appointments to help alleviate the discomfort, as well as provide an overall therapeutic massage. Today my knee has zero pain and my back is 95% pain free. I attribute this recovery to her, and what she's done for me over the past year. Don't hesitate in booking an appointment with her. In fact, book at least two. Her calendar fills up quickly, and you will come back. Thank you Christine!
John B
Awesome Christine is the BEST in Massage Therapy, I have been to a dozen massage therapists over the past 25 years and she is the BEST.... :-)
Lisa N
Best Massage in Keene! I found Christine by accident a few years ago. She is the best massage therapist I've experienced. She has an innate ability to feel what areas of my body need attention. Her massages leave me feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed. I find her massages to be an integral part of my health and wellness routines.
Christine is Intuative Review of Christine Fleming, PTA, LMT, CPT The messages and MAT that I've received from Christing have been exactly what I've needed. She seems to know exactly where I'm tight or sore without my even having to tell her. Christine has helped issues I've had with my upper back, neck, and hips. She really helps me keep running, hiking, and doing all that I love to do.
jeremy y
Deep Gratitude Having experienced alternative practitioners for over 35 years, I must admit it has been really hard to find someone I wholeheartedly trust and who 'gets my body'. I found such a person in Christine at Keene Massage Therapy. She is an intuitively gifted bodyworker that has personally helped my release old tension wounds and maintain whole health. I recommend her wholeheartedly! Jeremy Youst, Director, Power of Breath Institute
Thomas C
No Place Better! I've been seeing Christine for over a decade. I have traditionally been extremely tight and immobile but a session with Christine (while similar to being run over by a truck) revitalizes me and leaves me in greater shape physically and mentally. She uses cupping on my restless legs which has been the ONLY soluition for those - finally I can sleep through the night! Cannot recommend Keene Massage Therapy too highly!
Feeling good again Christine provides a haven to relax, recharge and renew. Major positive impact to my body and my mind.
Beth W
I booked my second appointment that day! I was given Christine’s name from my PT office to help with getting my knee to bend. My first appointment was wonderful! She listened to what I wanted to get from the massage and took time to explain what she was doing and why. I booked my second appointment that day! I highly recommend Keene Massage Therapy as everyone was very Friendly and made me feel at ease as I had never had a massage before.
Richard N
Listening Carol listens to her client's description of his/her body and addresses the symptoms
Richard L
massage giv en by Rachael Review of Rachael Champaigne-brynn, LMT I thought that Rachael gave me one of the best massages I ever had. The pressure she applied was just right,and I felt very relaxed, when she was done.I plan to go back soon for another great massage.
David F
Recharged Christine has found a way to keep me on track, shoulder and back gets worked on regularly to keep me going, and as a result it keeps me coming back for more! Christine does awesome work!
James S
SOOTHING IN SO MANY WAYS! Review of Carol Knutson, LMT Thanks to Carol for professional, friendly, caring, responsive, consistent and healthy massage. She has great technique and is compassionate in her approach!
very relaxed
Keene Massage Therapy is awesome This is a review for Rachael Champaigne-Brynn. I had shoulder pain from many years of desk work. Rachael worked on the problem area and I am free of pain. Great massage therapist!
Topher H
Excellent! Massage is an important part of how I make it thru my week and there's no place I'd rather go than Keene Massage Therapy!
Excellent Therapist Review of Christine Fleming, PTA, LMT, CPT Christine brings experience, energy, strength, and sensitivity to her work. She is an excellent therapist.
Georgina M
Christine is amazing!!!! I was in desperate need of a lower back, shoulders and neck were extremely tight and painful, I suffer from headaches on a near daily basis and was experiencing tingling in my arms and hands, often times my arms would fall asleep. I had my first massage with Christine and what difference! After just one visit I already feel so much better! My symptoms, while definitely still present, are significantly less and my arms have not fallen asleep since. I highly recommend getting massaged by Christine, she is absolutely wonderful! I can't wait for my next appointment.
joyce m
Christine is a fabulous massage therapist Review of Christine Fleming, PTA, LMT, CPT Christine is the most fabulous massage therapist/person I have ever met. She is so good at her job and she just makes you feel so good after she has done a massage on you. I would recommend that if you need a massge, Christine is the person to see.
Elana B
amazing I've been seeing Christine for over three years now. Wouldn't even think about going somewhere else.
John B
Hands of an Angels Review of Christine Fleming, PTA, LMT, CPT I have been going to massage therapists for the past 20+ years and hands down Christine is the best. She releases the issues you have in your body and mind. You feel like a new person when you leave. If you have never been to Keene Massage Therapy you do not know what you are missing so please go and support the local businesses.
martin s
recent 90 min.massage with Rachel I had a very good full body deep tissue massage with Rachel. I have been working with Rachel for quite a while. Always a great experience. Wish I could go more often!
Jodi P
Love this place! I first began going to Keene Massage Therapy when I got a gift certificate for Christmas. I was so impressed with the personal attention I got I have kept going ever since. I started seeing Christine for a specific area post-surgery and now that I am almost to where I need to be for that area, I am looking forward to continuing as a regular client.
Tanya D
Relief I pop in for a lunch break massage and the tension melts away as Christine works her magic!
scot g
Very relaxing experience I recently had my first appointmen here. It was a very warm clean comfortable place. My massage therapist was proffesional and very nice ,i immediatley felt comfortable. I will be going once a month from now on!
Stellar Talented and professional, Rachael has been a tremendous help when it comes to keeping me moving as an athlete. You will be so glad you added massage to your health routine.
Jeanna H
Two very refreshing visits! Rachael was most helpful in helping me with a back problem and suggesting who to visit for a followup chiropractic visit! Love my just plain relaxing massage as well. Love the online appointments and gift ceretificate ability.
Marci B
worth every penny! After suffering with 'chronic' low back pain on and off I decided to try deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy with Christine. I hoped to have the pain reduced to the point where I could continue to pursue some favorite outdoor activities. I was floored when after one visit my pain completely disappeared! Christine seems gifted in being able to find the source of pain in the body and address it. Not only did she help with my pain, but her shared knowledge really helped me understand why I was dealing with this injury and what I could do to help myself. I was a bit nervous and shy at first about visiting a massage therapist, but Christine's professionalism and nature put me right at ease. I relate what Christine does for muscles to what a chiropractor does for bones. I highly recommend her services.
Thomas C
You don't know what you're missing! All my life I've been tight. Basically NEVER able to touch my toes, my shoulders would ache after tennis, my knees kill me after a walk. I've been seeing Christine for the past two years and cannot believe how much better I feel. Not just being able to raise my arms above my head, but walk comfortably, look to the side without straining, and I just feel so much better overall. It's made a huge difference in my life. Sure, sometimes I feel like I've been run over by a train after a session - but BOY is it worth it!